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What we propose to do Preliminary Visit Proposal – Phiti is contained in this PDF download. It contains a budget and contact details as well as the summary given here.

We are developing a proposal with assistance from the Laona Foundation for the Conservation and Regeneration of the Cypriot Countryside.

“The aim of this proposed project is to reinvigorate and recontextualise Phiti weaving, and to support Phiti weavers in their practice. We hope to catalyse a process of conserving and adapting tradition.”

A preliminary visit is planned for October 2010 in order to develop the concept with local partners and develop a full proposal to take forward.

A first meeting has already taken place between Dr Artemis Yiordamli of the Laona Foundation, the Phiti village president, Mr Christodoulos Stefanou, and Mr and Mrs Mavrelli who run the folk art museum (14/6/10).

All expressed great interest and the President declared himself willing to lend his name to any fund-raising effort.

The meeting discussed a proposal around the following themes:

(a) Social-historical research on Phitotika and the organisation of weaving workshops to pass on the tradition

(b) consideration and design of contemporary items that could be developed for international and local markets

(c) preparation of a web-page and necessary actions for e-selling

(d) use of research material produced at (a) above to stimulate interest from Universities to develop weaving as part of applied arts courses

Mr Mavrellis reported also that he is growing cotton for use on the loom, so a re-introduction of this product could become part of the project.

Mrs Mavrelli was confident that women in the nearby villages would be keen to learn weaving if they had a market for their products.

Mr Mavrellis has also produced a typed leaflet (in Greek) on the history of the village and its weaving and a girl from the village has written a university paper on Phitiotika, so there is some
basic research already extant.

In addition, Sarah Dixon and Maura McKee intend to:

● Carry out preliminary research on traditional weaving techniques and contemporary practice in the UK and Ireland; and prepare a visual presentation and resources which will- along with samples of woven cloth- be used as a stimulus for a process of regeneration in Cypriot institutions and localities.

● Visit Phiti to arrange workshops on how to spin wool & research dyeing methods for local sheep’s wool as an alternative to always using imported yarns. Also record and document Phiti weaving; collaborate in the weaving process; make presentations to potential partners around Cyprus; deliver introductory marketing
and web training.

● Write a report upon return to the UK, using documentation and records created in Cyprus. Reflect back to Cypriot partners – with the idea that this can be used to generate further communication with (a) other practitioners (b) educationalists (c) those such as business or art/craft promoters who can help to market products.

We believe that this project can help to address the following issues:
− improved inter-generational relations and understanding
− maintaining cultural heritage and identity
− improved well-being of people in rural areas
− economic diversification
− biodiversity protection and sustainable natural resource use

The first stage in this project is to arrange further meetings in Cyprus to develop a more detailed plan with all participants.

You can support this project by donating at IndieGoGo

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