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Get Involved!

You can get involved:


We are looking for funding to get this project off the ground. We need to fund flights, subsistence and travel to meetings with people in Cyprus. We will also be running and facilitating workshops on everything from selling online, to ethnobotany studies.

You can donate online at

Or you can email us sarah*at* for info on making a donation to the project.

Other Support

We also welcome in-kind support such as accommodation in Cyprus, flights, a car, information, contacts, ideas and you can also support the project by buying Phiti woven cloths.

Creatives and Artists

Cyprus artists can get involved and we will be looking for people who are interested in learning about the traditions and intergrating them into their own practice. Please sign up for email updates to stay in touch, or join us on Facebook.


If your business could benefit from incorporating Cypriot textiles into the supply chain please get in touch to enquire about samples. You may also want to sponsor some aspect of the project, which incorporates elements of research, education, community support, heritage, arts and crafts and environmental protection.


If you’d like to run a feature on this proejct we can supply you with video, images and copy for your magazine, newspaper or blog. Just get in touch.


If you’d like to learn how to weave or any other aspect of the process such as cotton or wool spinning, please get in touch to express your interest. This will help us to show that there is support for the project, whether it be from visitors to Cyprus wanting to spend a day weaving with the women or textile students wanting to spend a year learning the process in depth and incorporating it to their own practice.


If you love beautiful cloth, trust me, Phiti and other Cypriot textiles are amazingly beautiful and have a lovely joyous colourful spirit. The quality of the fabric is delightful, honest and strong. We can take orders and bring you back your own handmade cushion covers, aprons, bags, or even bedspreads. Just get in touch with your enquiry!

Anything Else

If you have other ideas please get in touch as we are at a very early stage in this process and would welcome your input.

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